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Oberseminar Mathematische Physik

Apr. 19
Prof. Vojkan Jaksic (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) Statistical Mechanics of Repeated Quantum Measurements
May 3 Dr. Nikhil Savale (University of Cologne) A Gutzwiller type trace formula for the magnetic Dirac operator
May 14
Dr. Andreas Deuchert (IST Austria) Bose-Einstein Condensation in a Dilute, Trapped Gas at Positive Temperature
May 17 15:00 Dr. Alexander Watson (Duke University, USA) Wave-packet dynamics in locally periodic media

May 17 16:00

Dr. Michele Correggi (Sapienza University, Rom, Italy)
On the Average-Field Functional for Anyons
June 14 Dr. Matthias Lienert (Tübingen) Direct interaction along light cones at the quantum level
June 28 Julian Schmidt (Tübingen) A Direct Description of Nelson-Type Hamiltonians via Boundary Conditions
July 5
Maram Akila (University of Duisburg-Essen) Getting a Foot into Many-Body Quantum Chaos
July 19

Franz Sax (LMU München)

Classical and Quantum Physics in the framework of Shape Space Mechanics
Oberseminar Mathematische Physik


Prof. Dr. Christian Hainzl
Dr. Stefan Keppeler
Prof. Dr. Marcello Porta
Prof. Dr. Stefan Teufel
Prof. Dr. Roderich Tumulka