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Fachbereich Mathematik


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Mathematical Quantum Theory


17-10-26 Marcel's website is now set up. If you want to look up or revise something, you can look in the lecture notes uploaded there.

Exercise classes

On the subpage for homeworks, we upload a problem sheet every week. You have approx. one week to work out a solution to the exercises. The solutions can be handed in at the designated box in room A16 (Postfachzimmer) on the third floor and will be marked by Marcel Schaub. Please sign up here for the exercises of the course.

The first exercise session/meeting will be on Friday 12:15 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. in room C6S11 (S11 on 6th floor in the maths building). The purpose is to get an idea of the individual level of available prior knowlegde and to potentially revise/repeat stuff that will appear frequently in the lecture. No exercises need to be done until then.

Lecture Notes

Here are some TeXed lecture notes.


Teschl, Gerald: Mathematical Methods in Quantum Mechanics, (legally!) available  here.


The exam will be oral. You can take it any time you like (and we have time...). Please set up an appointment via e-mail directly with the professor.


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Christian Hainzl

Assistant: Marcel Schaub (Office hours: Wed, 11-12 a.m.)

Mathematical Quantum Theory


Prof. Dr. Christian Hainzl


Marcel Schaub

Class schedule

Lecture Notes

Homework Assignments

Exercise Classes

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