Introduction to Integrable Systems
(Classical Mechanics, Riemann Surfaces, and Spectral Theory)

WS 2020  • 

Prof Dr Christoph Bohle
Assistent: Jonas Ziefle

The lecture gives an introduction to integrable systems focusing on the most famous integrable partial differential equation - the Korteweg de Vries equation - and its most important classes of explicit solutions - solitons and finite gap solutions. Along the way we introduce topics like Riemann surfaces and classical mechanics as well as relations between them and spectral theory.

(Prerequisites: basic knowledge about ordinary differential equations and analysis in one complex variable.)

The lectures will be held online, the exercise sessions in a hybrid format (partially online and - if possible - partially at the institute). Schedule for synchronous part:
Lecture   Tue.+Thu. 12.30-13.30    online
Excercise    Wed. 17.00-18.00    N14+online.
Everything will be recorded. Further information as well as the course material and links to the lectures can be found in
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Jonas Ziefle
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