MDSpackage - a package for
Mori Dream Spaces

Jürgen Hausen, Simon Keicher

Current version: June 2016

MDSpackage is a software package for Maple for explicit computations
with Mori dream spaces. A description can be found here.

  • Basics on finitely generated abelian groups and algebras
    graded by them.
  • Divisor class group, Picard-group, local class group
  • cones of effective, movable or semiample divisor classes,
    Mori chamber decomposition, pullback of Q-Cartier divisors,
  • canonical toric ambient variety, stratification, irrelevant ideal,
  • tests for being quasismooth, smooth, (Q-) factorial, complete,
    (quasi-) projective,
  • singular locus, global resolution of singularities (approved
    for varieties with torus action of complexity one, experimental
    in the general case),
  • for complete intersections: intersection numbers, graph of
    exceptional divisors, anticanonical divisor class, test for
    (Q-) Gorenstein and Fano properties, Gorenstein index,
  • for varieties with the action of a torus of complexity one:
    tests for being (epsilon-log) terminal, test for being
    almost-homogeneous, roots of the automorphism group.