Thomas Markwig Seminar Tropical / Toric Geometry - WT 2009/10
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Seminar: Th 16:00-17:30, Rm 48-436


  • In the seminar we will study selected aspects of tropical and toric geometry.

    Date SpeakerTitle
    12.11.09Thomas MarkwigTropical geometry - an overview
    03.12.09Stephan OberfranzTropical curves and the Theorem of Bezout
    10.12.09Florian GeißTropical linear spaces / tropical grassmanians
    17.12.09Georges FrancoisTropical enumerative geometry
    14.01.10Simon HampeComputational aspects in tropical geometry
    21.01.10Wolfram DeckerIntroduction to Toric Varieties I
    28.01.10Frank SeelischIntroduction to Toric Varieties II
    03.02.10, 17:00 UhrMartin RudererIntersection Theory of Toric Varieties
    04.02.10Yue RenSheaf Cohomology of Toric Varieties


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Anders Nedergaard Jensen: Algorithmic aspects of Gröbner fans and tropical varieties. PhD thesis (2007).
Anders Nedergaard Jensen, Hannah Markwig, Thomas Markwig: An Algorithm for Lifting Points in a Tropical Variety. Collect. Math. 59,2 (2008), 129-165, e-print arXiv:0705.2441. (longer version)
Diane Maclagan and Bernd Sturmfels: Introduction to tropical geometry. Book manuscript (2009).
Hannah Markwig: The enumeration of plane tropical curves. PhD thesis (2006).
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