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Preprints an der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

(Berichte zur Stochastik und verwandte Gebiete, ISSN 0177-0098)

The Dual Process of the Block Counting Process of the Coalescent with Multiple Collisions (Oktober 2001)

A Monte Carlo Algorithm for the Ewens Sampling Distribution and Applications to Neutrality Tests (Juni 2001)

The Coalescent in Population Models with Time-Inhomogeneous Environment (Januar 2001)

Forward and Backward Diffusion Approximations for Haploid Exchangeable Population Models (Juli 2000)

Ancestral Processes in Population Genetics - The Coalescent (Februar 2000)

Total Variation Distances and Rates of Convergence for Ancestral Coalescent Processes in Exchangeable Population Models (Dezember 1999)

(together with Serik Sagitov) Coalescent Patterns in Exchangeable Diploid Population Models (Juli 1999)

(together with Serik Sagitov) A Characterization of Ancestral Limit Processes Arising in Haploid Population Genetics Models (November 1998)

Duality Results for Markov Processes Arising in Neutral Population Genetics Models (Januar 1998)

Weak Convergence to the Coalescent in Neutral Population Models (Januar 1998)

Coalescent Results for Diploid Population Models and the Coalescent with Selfing (September 1996)

Robustness Results for the Coalescent (September 1996)

Fixation in Bisexual Models with Variable Population Sizes (September 1996)

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