Vorträge in der Woche 26.09.2022 bis 02.10.2022

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Donnerstag, 29.09.2022: Relational Laws of Classical Physics

Sahand Tokasi (Tübingen)

After reviewing the relational account of space and time based on Leibniz's ideas, we will introduce the "principle of relationalism" to make these ideas concrete. We will then introduce a way to implement this principle directly in classical physics by paying special attention to the constants of nature. This will lead us to a new theory whose laws of motion we will derive. At the end, for illustration, we will work out in detail the three-body problem and see the appearance of new forces.

Uhrzeit: 14:30
Ort: C3N14
Gruppe: Promotionsvortrag
Einladender: Pickl, Tumulka