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Three views of a constant mean curvature surface in the 3-sphere. Images by Nick Schmitt based on the joint paper 'Deformations of symmetric CMC surfaces in the 3-sphere'.

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Winter term 2016/17:
Riemannsche Flächen

Summer term 2016:
Ausgewählte Kapitel der Differentialgeometrie

Winter term 2015/16:
Mathematik für Physiker 3

Summer term 2015:
Mathematik für Physiker 2

Winter term 2014/15:
Ausgewälte Kapitel der Differentialgeometrie

Summer term 2014:
Seminar Geometrie von Flächen

Winter term 2013/14:
Einführung in Mannigfaltigkeiten
Seminar Riemannsche Flächen

Summer term 2013:
on parental leave

Winter term 2012/13:
Liegruppen und Liealgebren
Projektive Geometrie


My research interests are global surface geometry, integrable systems and the geometry of moduli space of flat connections. I have developed a spectral curve theory for compact symmetric CMC surfaces of genus greater or equal two. Currently, I am generalizing the spectral curve theory to all CMC surfaces of genus 2. I am also studying a generalized Whitham flow on the spectral data of CMC surfaces which is used to construct new surfaces and to study the moduli space of CMC surfaces of higher genus.
I am the principal investigator in the DFG programme "Constant mean curvature surfaces with non-abelian fundamental groups: theory and experiments".


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    with Lynn Heller and Nicholas Schmitt
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    Preprint version
  3. Abelianization of Fuchsian Systems on a 4-punctured sphere and applications

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  12. Global aspects of integrable surface geometry

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  1. Branes through finite group actions

    with Laura P. Schaposnik
    Preprint: arxiv: 1611.00391
  2. Exploring the space of compact symmetric CMC surfaces

    with Lynn Heller and Nicholas Schmitt
    Preprint: arxiv: 1503.07838
  3. Navigating the Space of Symmetric CMC Surfaces

    with Lynn Heller and Nicholas Schmitt
    Preprint: arxiv: 1501.01929


Integrable systems methods for higher genus CMC surfaces in the 3-sphere

Habilitationsschrift, Universität Tübingen, 2013

Conformal Submersions of the 3-sphere

PhD thesis, Humboldt Universität Berlin, 2008

Articles in Preparation

Abelianization of flat special linear connections on n-punctured spheres (with C. Meneses)
Integrable systems methods for CMC surfaces of genus 2