Fachbereich Mathematik

Andreas Bäuerle

Contact information

Universität Tübingen
Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Fachbereich Mathematik
Auf der Morgenstelle 10
72076 Tübingen

Office: C6A38 (building C)
Phone:  +49 7071 29 72897
E-Mail: baeuerle [Дτ] math.uni-tuebingen.de

Publications and Preprints

  • Sharp volume and multiplicity bounds for Fano simplices, 2023. Preprint, data available at GitHub.
  • Sharp degree bounds for fake weighted projective spaces, 2022. Preprint
  • On Gorenstein Fano threefolds with an action of a two-dimensional torus (with J. Hausen), SIGMA 18 (2022), 088. Open Access, data file available at Zenodo and at GitHub.