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Dr. Simon Keicher


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  1. Computing GIT-fans with symmetry and the Mori chamber decomposition of 0,6 (with J. Böhm and Y. Ren). Preprint, 2016. arXiv.


Algorithms for Mori Dream Spaces. Universität Tübingen, 2014, URI

Software and database:

  • autgradalg.lib - a Singular library to compute automorphism groups of pointedly graded algebras.
  • quotsingcox.lib - a Singular package to compute Cox rings of resolutions of quotient singularities.
  • Cox ring database - a database for Cox rings and Mori dream spaces
  • compcox.lib - a Singular package for Cox ring computations.
  • MDSpackage - a package on Mori Dream Spaces.
  • gitfanlib - a package for GIT-fans (for Maple or polymake/Singular or Singular 3.1.6)
  • multigrading.lib, a Singular library for multigraded rings.
  • TorDiv, a Maple-package on Toric Geometry and Geometric Invariant Theory.