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Static metrics and Bartnik's quasi-local mass conjecture 2016

Static metrics and Bartnik's quasi-local mass conjecture, May 17 - 20, 2016, at Universität Tübingen, Germany, organized by Carla Cederbaum.

Static metrics and Bartnik's quasi-local mass conjecture

May 17 - 20, 2016

Tübingen, Germany


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Static metrics have been intensively studied since the early days of General Relativity. Insights and results have been and continue to be obtained from physical, analytic and geometric perspectives. Milestones include the static black hole uniqueness theorems and a detailed understanding of the asymptotic behavior of static metrics. Besides being of interest in their own right, static metrics also feature as obstructions in certain gluing constructions and as critical points in certain geometric variational problems, most notably in the approach to quasi-local capacity taken by Robert Bartnik. Bartnik's definition leads to the static metric extension conjecture, which will also be one of the main topics discussed at this conference.

Organized by Carla Cederbaum


Virginia Agostiniani

(SISSA, Trieste)

Michael Anderson

(Stony Brook University)

Justin Corvino

(Lafayette College)

Gregory Galloway

(University of Miami)

Jeffrey Jauregui

(Union College)

Marcus Khuri

(Stony Brook University)

Stephen McCormick

(University of New England, Armidale)

Pengzi Miao

(University of Miami)

Martín Reiris

(Albert Einstein Institue)

Oliver Rinne

(Albert Einstein Institute)

Christina Sormani

(City University of New York)

Eric Woolgar

(University of Alberta)

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Tübingen is a very pretty small town with many good restaurants; most distances within the downtown area can be covered by foot. The nearest airports are Stuttgart (1 hour by shuttle bus) and Frankfurt (2 hours by train). The university is located on a hill which can easily be reached by bus (bus stop 'BG Unfallklinik').
Information on schedules are given on the 'Deutsche Bahn' website.

The conference will take place at the

Lecture hall N16
Mathematics Department

Auf der Morgenstelle 10
(Building C)
72076 Tübingen


On the detailed campus map, Building C is marked number four. The campus is in 30-45min walking distance of the downtown area. It can also be reached by bus; the closest bus stop 'BG Unfallklinik' is next to the canteen marked number 14 on the campus map. This bus stop is served by bus lines number 5, 13, 18, and 19. Information on bus routes and schedules can be found here.

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We have been able to arrange an extended period in which rooms are blocked for this conference. Hotel Hospiz hold rooms until April 1 and Hotel Katharina until April 15. If you are not able to book a room via the hotels website, please instead send them an email with the booking code “static metrics”.

Hotel rooms have been blocked at the following hotels:


Hotel Hospiz

Neckarhalde 2
72070 Tübingen

Telefon (0 70 71) 9 24-0
Telefax (0 70 71) 9 24-2 00
E-Mail: hotel.hospiz.tuebingen@t-online.de


Hotel Katharina

Lessingweg 2
D-72076 Tübingen

Telefon (07071) 67021
Telefax (07071) 610882
E-Mail: info@hotel-katharina-garni.de


More than 1,600 beds are waiting for guest from near and far. Tübingen offers a great variety of hotels and guesthouses to stay in who are known for their familiar atmosphere for last-minute as well as early bookers.

A comprehensive overview of all accommodation options can be found here.

In case your preferred accomodation cannot be booked online, please make contact either by phone or email.

If you are interested in sharing a room, please let us know in your registration email and specify your gender so that we can establish the contact to suitable roomate for you.




Logistics and Registration

Please note that Monday, May 16th, is a public holiday in Germany!

Therefore, public transportation is operating as on Sundays and stores will be closed.
Restaurants and bars remain open.



Childcare is provided during the conferece by the University of Tübingen. If you want to make use of this service, please send us an email (E-Mail senden) indicating the age of your child/children.



If you would like to participate in the Static metric and Bartnik's quasi-local mass conjecture Conference, please send us an email (E-Mail senden) with your first name, last name, affiliation, and academic title.

Baden-Württemberg Stiftung


Carla Cederbaum is indebted to the Baden-Württemberg
Stiftung for the financial support of this research project
by the Eliteprogramme for Postdocs.