Fachbereich Mathematik

Mathematical Statistical Physics

If you are interested in participating in the course, please register through URM and also on ILIAS. 

This course provides an introduction to mathematical questions, methods and results in Statistical Physics. It is aimed at students of Mathematical Physics as well as students of Mathematics or Physics with an interest in the other subject.

We will start with an introduction to the subject, highlighting the general questions and also somewhat the history of the subject. In this part we will follow the lecture notes of Prof. Tumulka, which are available on the right.
In the second part we will discuss relatively simple models like the Curie-Weiss and the Ising model that allow for a rigorous mathematical analysis of different aspects of equilibrium statistical physics.

In the beginning, the course will proceed as follows: You will work through the lecture notes for yourself according to a weekly assignment and during the course hours we will mostly discuss the contents via a Zoom group meeting. In addition, I will provide some additional material during the online meetings. 
For the homework assignments, you will get weekly problems as usual that must be handed in and will be graded and discussed during the weekly exercise class (also a Zoom group meeting). The final exam will be an oral exam. 
The first course meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 21, at 8.15 AM. I will send the link for the Zoom group meeting to all registered participants the night before. During that meeting we will agree on a weekly schedule for the exercise class. But then we will already start with Statistical Physics and the reading assignment for the first week (April 21 and 24) is pages 2-26 of the lecture notes.