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Vorträge in der Woche 15.07.2019 bis 21.07.2019

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Dienstag, 16.07.2019: Benjamini-Schramm and spectral convergence

Anton Deitmar

Uhrzeit: 14:15
Ort: C9A03
Gruppe: OSAZ
Einladender: Deitmar

Dienstag, 16.07.2019: Grenzwertsätze für entschleifte Prozesse mit Erneuerungsstruktur

Max Allmendinger (Universität Tübingen)

Uhrzeit: 16:15
Ort: C5 S7
Gruppe: Oberseminar Stochastik
Einladender: M. Möhle, E. Teufl, M. Zerner

Donnerstag, 18.07.2019: Summary of the Marie Curie Project ‚Multi-Time Integral Equations‘

Dr. Matthias Lienert

Here I will report on the outcomes and work in progress of the project ‚Interacting Relativistic Quantum Dynamics via Multi-Time Integral Equations‘. The basic idea is that a multi-time wave function psi(x_1,...,x_N) with x_i in spacetime allows to define a quantum analog of direct interactions along light cones. This, in turn, might avoid problems with ultraviolet divergences and lead to a consistent interacting relativistic dynamics (as direct interactions do in classical physics). After recalling the basic motivation, I will give an overview of work within the three project areas: 1. proofs of existence and uniqueness of solutions, 2. conservation laws for and probabilistic meaning of multi-time wave functions, and 3. the classical limit of multi-time integral equations. Furthermore (time permitting), I will also mention unforeseen further results in the project which relate to the general topic of multi-time wave functions, such as interior boundary conditions for multi-time wave functions and contact interactions between electrons and photons.

Uhrzeit: 16:15
Ort: N14
Gruppe: Oberseminar Mathematische Physik
Einladender: Keppeler, Porta, Teufel, Tumulka