Fachbereich Mathematik

Mathematical Physics Colloquium


17.10: Marcello Porta

Universality in flatlands

31.10: Carla Cederbaum

Where is the center of mass of a star? And what does this have to do with Mathematics?

07.11: Marcel Schaub

BCS theory

14.11: Marco Falconi

Mathematical Bose-Einstein condensation

21.11: Roderich Tumulka

Probability distribution of the time at which an ideal detector clicks

28.11: Stefan Teufel

The geometry of periodic quantum systems

12.12: Matthias Lienert

Relativistic quantum mechanics: Multi-time wave functions

19.12: Jonas Lampart (Laboratoire interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne, France)

The Interaction of Quantum Particles and Fields

09.01: Horia Cornean (Aalborg University, Denmark)

A journey from regular to singular perturbation theory in spectral analysis

23.01: Anna Sancassani

On the correspondence between KIDs in Minkowski and AdS spacetimes

30.01: Armando Cabrera Pacheco

Total mass and related problems in mathematical relativity

06.02: Judith Alcock-Zeilinger

Can you solve my Rubik's cube?