Department of Mathematics

E-Mail services


  1. What is the name of the Mailserver? What do I need to set up?
      Username Username (ohne
      Secure authentication Yes
      Encryption SMTP STARTTLS (Port 587)
      Encryption IMAP STARTTLS (Port 143), TLS (Port 993)
  2. Which E-Mail-Addresses are available?
    • Before the @: Your username and usually name.surname
    • After the @:, and
    • For example,, etc.
    • Depending on which E-mail address you used on the first setup of your Mailing program or Webmailer, this one will be used as sender. Incoming mails will be automatically received from all addresses.
  3. How can I get to the Webmailer (access to inbox)?
  4. How can I configure Forwarding?
  5. How can I set up a Vacation message (notification to messages about being on holiday)?
    • Log in to Horde:
    • Go to Webmail, Filters, Vacation.
    • Fill out the formular and the vacation message to your wish.
    • Eventually go to Advanced Settings and type in My email addresses your Email address (for example
    • To enable the function click Save and Enable.

    Set up calendar on other devices

    There is the possibility to implement a CalDav calendar from the mailserver on your devices. That way you don't need to use Horde, but rather the calendar is directly displayed on your smartphone.

    Information required for implementing CalDav:

    Username Username (ohne
    Secure login/TLS usage? Yes
    Port 443

    (siehe Hinweis unten)

    Path (for MacOS) /rpc.php/principals/[USERNAME]/

    To get a certain calendar bound on an external device or shared with a colleague, follow the steps below:

    1. Log in to Horde
    2. Go to the Calendar-Tab.
    3. Click on the pencil icon, next to the calendar you want to share.
    4. Now you have two possibilities to share the calendar: under "Sharing" you can add internal users in the field "Share with the users:"; remember to set the wished rights ("read..." or "read and edit...").
    5. If you want to share the calendar with external users or use it on a Mail- and calendar client, the go to "Subscription". There you can choose between the formats CalDAV and WebDAV/ICS and add the corresponding subscription address to your device.
    6. Adding an address to an external software varies depending on the software used.