Department of Mathematics


Informations about the quota system

Quota limit exceeded

The space on our central user directory servers is limited for every user. This affects:

  • all files in your /home/ directory.
  • e-Mails in your mail folder
  • Your home folder on our web-server Banach (not Plone!)

When you have exceeded your quota, please remove files as soon as possible. Among other things, you can:

  • empty the bin
  • remove old files
  • delete old e-mails in your mailbox
  • empty the Browser cache (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
  • move large files to the local hard drive (directory /scratch/) - please note that there will be no backups of such files and they will only be available locally or per SSH

By using the program baobab (type into the program search bar) you can observe your quota usage at any time. Alternatively, use quota -s in the terminal.

If you have any further questions or problems, please contact us via mail.