Department of Mathematics

Annual meeting 2022

The sixth annual meeting of the TRR 195 will take place in Blaubeuren, Sept 19-22, 2022. The meeting starts on Monday at 2pm. Shortly before, the Center will provide a small snack and refreshments, but no full lunch.

The meeting ends on Thursday in the afternoon.



Registration is closed. The list of participants is here.


The schedule can be found here.


The conference will take place at Tagungszentrum Blaubeuren.


The Poster can be downloaded here.

Suggestion for Hike

For a smaller walk, you can go to the Blautopf, which is a nice lake in Blaubeuren, for directions see here.

If you want to walk a bit more, you can go to Castle Rusenschloss which offers a nice view, and to Blautopf, see here.