Fachbereich Mathematik

Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Seminar on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Sommersemester 2018

  • Language of presentations: English or German
  • Studiengänge: This seminar is offered primarily for the master's program in mathematical physics but is open to all study programs.
  • Prerequisites: This seminar extends the course "Foundations of Quantum Mechanics" that I taught in the Wintersemester 2017/18 but is not restricted to students who attended that course. Others need basic knowledge in quantum mechanics, analysis, linear algebra, and probability theory.
  • Tentative list of talks:
    24.4.18 Spin A. Milios
    1.5.18 University closed public holiday
    8.5.18 The Dirac equation L. Sahinovic
    15.5.18 Bohmian mechanics in relativistic space-time T. Garnowski
    22.5.18 University closed Pentecost break
    29.5.18 Relativistic GRW theory A. Penuela
    5.6.18 The configuration space of identical particles J. Henheik
    12.6.18 The fermionic line bundle T. Riedlinger
    19.6.18 Particle creation, Fock space, and Bell's jump process S. Lopez
    26.6.18 Interior-boundary conditions T. Binz
    3.7.18 no seminar (instructor is away)
    10.7.18 Multi-time wave functions O. Schön
    17.7.18 Detection time for Dirac particles S. Haffner
    24.7.18 Shor's algorithm for factorizing integers on a quantum computer A. Fehrenbach
  • Literature: will be recommended individually by topic of the presentation.
  • Register: If you are interested in taking this seminar, please email Prof. Tumulka.