Fachbereich Mathematik

Seminar on Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Summer semester 2022

  • Taught by: Roderich Tumulka and Sahand Tokasi
  • Language of presentations: English
  • Studiengänge: This seminar is offered primarily for the master's program in mathematical physics but is open to all study programs.
  • Prerequisites: This seminar extends the course "Foundations of Quantum Mechanics" that Prof. Tumulka taught in the winter semester 2021/22 but is not restricted to students who attended that course. Others need basic knowledge in quantum mechanics, analysis, linear algebra, and probability theory.
  • Talks: 90 minutes, one talk per week
  • Online or onsite? Onsite participation is preferred, but online participation will be possible.
  • List of talks:
    Date Speaker Title
    29.04.2022 C. Rubiliani The Pusey-Barrett-Rudolph theorem
    06.05.2022 S. Roy Particle creation, Fock space, and Bell's jump process
    13.05.2022 P. Costa Interior-boundary conditions
    20.05.2022 R. Veigel Spinors in relativistic space-time
    27.05.2022 C. Igelspacher The Dirac equation
    03.06.2022 C. Atacan Identical particles and the non-trivial topology of the configuration space
    10.06.2022 no talk university closed
    17.06.2022 C. Karapiperi The fermionic line bundle
    24.06.2022 A. Swaminathan Shor's algorithm for factorizing integers on a quantum computer
    01.07.2022 P. Vishwamitra Multi-time wave functions
    08.07.2022 O. Semin Bohmian mechanics in relativistic space-time
    15.07.2022 R. Kaimal Relativistic collapse theories
    22.07.2022 M.A. Abraham The Aharonov-Bohm effect
    29.07.2022 D. Naidu Positron position operators
  • Literature: will be recommended individually by topic of the presentation.
  • Register: registration is closed for this seminar.