Fachbereich Mathematik

Symmetric Group (its Representations) and Combinatorics

Overview and aim:

In this course we will study the symmetric group from a combinatorial viewpoint. In particular, we will examine the representations of the symmetric group and focus on particular results that are usually not proven in a standard course and find combinatorial proofs for these results. In doing so, we will become familiar with various tools and methods used in combinatorics.

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Times, venue, consultations and exercises:

The course takes place every Wednesday from 14:15 to 16:00 in C3N15.

There will be no formal exercise slots, but I will once in a while announce problems to do in your own time during the lectures. Also, the lecture script (which will be updated periodically as a certain section is finished) contains exercises to be done by yourself. While there will be no formal hand-in process for these exercises, I strongly encourage you to think about them as it will certainly improve your understanding of the material at hand.

If you need extra help, you are welcome to drop by my office at any time, although you risk me not being available. If you want to make sure that I have time for you, it is advisable to send me an email first to set up a meeting.