Fachbereich Mathematik

Roderich Tumulka's Preprints and Publications

    • Multi-Time Version of the Landau-Peierls Formulation of Quantum Electrodynamics
      with Matthias Lienert
      Coming soon (2022)

    • Limitations to Genuine Measurements in Ontological Models of Quantum Mechanics
      arXiv: 2205.05520 [abstract, PDF]

    • Empirically Equivalent Distributions in Ontological Models of Quantum Mechanics
      arXiv: 2205.04331 [abstract, PDF]

    • Positron Position Operators. I. A Natural Option
      arXiv: 2111.12304 [abstract, PDF]

    • The man who explained quantum mechanics
      A book review of David Bohm: A Life Dedicated to Understanding the Quantum World by Olival Freire Junior, Springer (2019)
      Physics Today 73(7): 53-54 (2020)

    • Interior-Boundary Conditions for the Dirac Equation at Point Sources in 3 Dimensions
      with Joscha Henheik
      arXiv: 2006.16755 [abstract, PDF]

    • Energy-Time Uncertainty Relation for Absorbing Boundaries
      arXiv: 2005.14514 [abstract, PDF]

    • Thermal Equilibrium Distribution in Infinite-Dimensional Hilbert Spaces
      Reports on Mathematical Physics 86: 303-313 (2020)
      arXiv: 2004.14226 [abstract, PDF]

    • Existence of Schrödinger Evolution with Absorbing Boundary Condition
      with Stefan Teufel.
      To appear in Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations (2022)
      arXiv: 1912.12057 [abstract, PDF]

    • Absorbing Boundary Condition as Limiting Case of Imaginary Potentials
      arXiv: 1911.12730 [abstract, PDF]

    • The Problem of Boltzmann Brains and How Bohmian Mechanics Helps Solve It
      To appear in the Proceedings of the 15th Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity (Rome 2018), editors E. Battistelli, R.T. Jantzen, and R. Ruffini. Singapore: World Scientific (2021)
      arXiv: 1812.01909 [abstract, PDF]

    • On Bohmian Mechanics, Particle Creation, and Relativistic Space-Time: Happy 100th Birthday, David Bohm!
      Writeup of a talk I gave at the conference EmQM17 in London, October 26-28, 2017
      Entropy 20(6): 462 (2018)
      arXiv: 1804.08853 [abstract, PDF]

    • Paradoxes and Primitive Ontology in Collapse Theories of Quantum Mechanics
      Pages 134-153 in: Shan Gao (editor), Collapse of the Wave Function, Cambridge University Press (2018)
      arXiv:1102.5767 [abstract, PDF]

    • Detection Time Distribution for the Dirac Equation
      arXiv:1601.04571 [abstract, PDF]

    • Detection Time Distribution for Several Quantum Particles
      arXiv:1601.03871 [abstract, PDF]

    • On the Question Why There Exists Something Rather Than Nothing
      Pages 76-82 in K. Chamcham, J. Silk, J.D. Barrow, and S. Saunders (editors): The Philosophy of Cosmology, Cambridge University Press (2017)
      arXiv:2111.11968 [abstract, PDF]

    • The Bohmian Approach to the Problems of Cosmological Quantum Fluctuations
      with Sheldon Goldstein and Ward Struyve
      To appear in British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (2022)
      arXiv:1508.01017 [abstract, PDF]

    • Comment on: Maximal violation of Bell inequalities by position measurements
      with Detlef Dürr, Sheldon Goldstein, Tim Maudlin, Robin Schlenga, Daniel V. Tausk, and Nino Zanghì.
      arXiv:1408.1651 [abstract, PDF]

    • Fermionic Wave Functions on Unordered Configurations
      with Sheldon Goldstein, James Taylor, and Nino Zanghì.
      arXiv:1403.3705 [abstract, PDF]

    • The Quantum Formalism and the GRW Formalism
      with Sheldon Goldstein and Nino Zanghì.
      Journal of Statistical Physics 149: 142-201 (2012)
      "Along with the hundreds of junk papers on foundations of quantum mechanics there must be at least a few gems. This is one of them." (anonymous referee)
      arXiv:0710.0885 [abstract, PDF]

    • Bohmian Trajectories as the Foundation of Quantum Mechanics
      with Sheldon Goldstein and Nino Zanghì.
      Pages 1-15 in: Pratim Chattaraj (editor), Quantum Trajectories. Boca Raton: Taylor & Francis (2010)
      arXiv:0912.2666 [abstract, PDF]

    • Bohmian Mechanics
      with Detlef Dürr, Sheldon Goldstein, and Nino Zanghì.
      In: F. Weinert, K. Hentschel, and D. Greenberger (editors), Compendium of Quantum Physics, Springer-Verlag (2009)
      arXiv:0903.2601 [abstract, PDF]

    • Orthonormal Basis [PDF], Conjugate Complex Number [PDF], Dirac Notation [PDF], Pauli Spin Matrices [PDF], POVM [PDF], Trace [PDF]
      In: F. Weinert, K. Hentschel, and D. Greenberger (editors), Compendium of Quantum Physics, Springer-Verlag (2009).

    • Bohmian Mechanics [PDF]
      David Bohm [PDF]
      John Bell and Bell's Theorem [PDF]
      with Detlef Dürr, Sheldon Goldstein, and Nino Zanghì.
      In D. M. Borchert (editor), Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Second Edition, Macmillan Reference USA (2006)

    • Some Jump Processes in Quantum Field Theory
      with Hans-Otto Georgii.
      Pages 55-73 in: J.-D. Deuschel, A. Greven (editors), Interacting Stochastic Systems. Berlin: Springer-Verlag (2005)
      arXiv:math.PR/0312326 [abstract, PDF]

    • Ph.D. thesis [PDF]
      Written in 2001 at the Mathematics Institute of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. Advisor: Detlef Dürr.

    • Würfelt Gott? Und wenn ja, wann? [html]
      Süddeutsche Zeitung 4.1.2000
      This is a report on the conference "Chance in Physics: Foundations and Perspectives", Ischia, Italy, 29.11.-3.12.1999

    • Diplomarbeit (in German) [PS]
      Written in 1998 at the Mathematics Department of Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main. Advisor: H.F. de Groote.