Fachbereich Mathematik

Oberseminar Mathematische Physik

Apr. 25

Siddhant Das, Markus Nöth (LMU München)

Arrival time distributions and spin in quantum mechanics–A Bohmian perspective
May 2

Teun van Nuland (Radboud University Nijmegen, Holland)

How to Quantize an Observable Algebra

May 16

Dr. Marco Falconi (Tübingen University)

Quasi-classical variational problems

June 6

Dr. David Mitrouskas (Stuttgart University)

Effective dynamics of tracer particles coupled to the Fermi gas in the high-density limit

June 18 (Tue)

Room: C2A17

Prof. Sören Petrat (Jacobs University Bremen)

Two Ways to Derive the Bogoliubov Time Evolution for Bose Gases in a Large Volume

July 4

Time: 17:00

Prof. Shadi Tahvildar-Zadeh (Rutgers University, USA)

Classical and Quantum Laws of Motion for Singularities of Spacetime

July 18

Dr. Matthias Lienert  (Tübingen University)

Summary of the Marie Curie Project ‚Multi-Time Integral Equations‘

July 25

Prof. Michael Loss  (Georgia Tech, USA)

Some results for functionals of Aharanov-Bohm type