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Dr. Barbara Roos

Barbara Roos

Contact Information

Universität Tübingen
Fachbereich Mathematik
AB Mathematische Physik
Auf der Morgenstelle 10
72076 Tübingen

Room: C4 P42
Tel: +49 (0)7071 29 78448
E-Mail: barbara.roos at uni-tuebingen.de

I am a Postdoc working with Stefan Teufel and Ángela Capel Cuevas. I am interested in the mathematical analysis of quantum many body systems. Before coming to Tübingen, I obtained my PhD at ISTA under the supervision of Robert Seiringer. I completed my BSc and MSc at ETH Zurich.

Detailed CV

Teaching Winter Semester 2023/24

Analysis II/Mathematik für Physiker III


  1. Enhanced BCS Superconductivity at a Corner. Barbara Roos, Robert Seiringer. Preprint, arXiv:2308.07115
  2. BCS Critical Temperature on Half-Spaces. Barbara Roos, Robert Seiringer. Preprint, arXiv:2306.05824
  3. Universality in low-dimensional BCS theory. Joscha Henheik, Asbjørn Bækgaard Lauritsen, Barbara Roos. Reviews in Mathematical Physics, 2360005 (2023), arXiv:2301.05621
  4. Optimal steering of matrix product states and quantum many-body scars. Marko Ljubotina, Barbara Roos, Dmitry A. Abanin, Maksym Serbyn. PRX Quantum 3, 030343 (2022), arXiv:2204.02899
  5. Boundary Superconductivity in the BCS Model. Christian Hainzl, Barbara Roos, Robert Seiringer. Journal of Spectral Theory 12 (2022), no. 4, pp. 1507–1540, arXiv:2201.08090
  6. Two-Particle Bound States at Interfaces and Corners. Barbara Roos, Robert Seiringer. Journal of Functional Analysis 282, 109455 (2022), arXiv:2105.04874


Other Activities


I am a founding member of the Association of Women in Mathematical Physics (AWMP). The AWMP supports women in the field of mathematical physics, establishing a network and meeting space for them, and aims at promoting diversity and equal opportunities for all individuals in mathematical physics. For example, we organize regular online coffee meetings. Please get in touch if you are interested in our activities.

Physics Olympiad

I've been part of the Academic Committee at the European Physics Olympiad since 2021. I've been co-organizing the Swiss Physics Olympiad since 2015. This mainly involves creating and marking problems, teaching, maintaining the website, and accompanying students to international competitions.

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