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D. Dürr, S. Goldstein, S. Teufel, R. Tumulka, N. Zanghi
Bohmian trajectories for Hamiltonians with interior-boundary conditions
To appear in Journal of Statistical Physics

J. Schmidt, S. Teufel, R. Tumulka
Interior-boundary conditions for many-body Diracoperators and codimension-1 boundaries
Journal of Physics A
[JPA, arXiv:1811.02947]

E. Matyus, S. Teufel
Effective non-adiabatic Hamiltonians for the quantum nuclear motion over coupled electronic states

L. Boßmann, S. Teufel
Derivation of the 1d Gross-Pitaevskii equation from the 3d quantum many-body dynamics of strongly confined bosons
Annales Henri Poincare 20, 1003-1049 (2019)
[AHP, arXiv:1803.11026]

S. Haag, J. Lampart, S. Teufel
Quantum waveguides with magnetic fields
Reviews of Mathematical Physics 31, 1950025 (2019)
[RMP, arXiv:1710.01518]

S. Teufel
Non-equilibrium almost-stationary states and linear response for gapped quantum systems
Communications in Mathematical Physics (2019)

D. Monaco, S. Teufel
Adiabatic currents for interacting electrons on a lattice
Reviews of Mathematical Physics 31, 1950009 (2019)

J. Lampart, J. Schmidt, S. Teufel, R. Tumulka
Particle creation at a point source by means of interior boundary conditions
Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry 21, 12 (2018).

D. Monaco, G. Panati, A. Pisante, S. Teufel
The localization dichotomy for gapped periodic quantum systems

D. Monaco, G. Panati, A. Pisante, S. Teufel
Optimal decay of Wannier functions in Chern and quantum Hall insulators
Communications in Mathematical Physics 359, 61-100 (2018).

H. Cornean, D. Monaco, S. Teufel
Wannier functions and Z_2 invariants in time-reversal symmetric topological insulators
Reviews in Mathematical Physics 29, 1730001 (2017).

J. von Keler, S. Teufel
The NLS limit for bosons in a quantum waveguide
Annales Henri Poincare 17, 3321-3360 (2016).
[Springer, arXiv:1510.03243]

S. Teufel, R. Tumulka
Avoiding Ultraviolet Divergence by Means of Interior-Boundary Conditions

S. Teufel, R. Tumulka
New Type of Hamiltonians Without Ultraviolet Divergence for Quantum Field Theories

S. Haag, J. Lampart, S. Teufel
Generalised Quantum Waveguides 
Annales Henri Poincare 16, 2535-2568 (2015). 
[Springer, arXiv:1402.1067]

J. Lampart, S. Teufel
The adiabatic limit of Schrödinger operators on fibre bundles
Mathematische Annalen 367, 1647-1683 (2017).
[Springer, arXiv:1402.0382]

O. Gat, M. Lein, S. Teufel
Semiclassics for particles with spin via a Wigner-Weyl-type calculus
Annales Henri Poincare 15, 1967-1991 (2014).
[Springer, arXiv:1307.8068]

S. Freund, S. Teufel
Peierls substitution for magnetic Bloch bands
Analysis & PDE 9, 773-811 (2016).
[arXiv:1312.5931, APDE]

J. Wachsmuth, S. Teufel
Effective Hamiltonians for Constrained Quantum Systems
Memoirs of the AMS 1083 (2013).

H. Schulz-Baldes, S. Teufel
Orbital polarization and magnetization for independent particles in disordered media
Commun. Math. Phys. 319 (2013), 649-681.
[Springer | Arxiv 1201.4812]

O. Gat, M. Lein, S. Teufel
Resonance phenomena in the interaction of a many-photon wave packet and a qubit
Journal of Physics A 46 (2013), 315301.
[arXiv:1303.5256 [quant-ph]]

H. Stiepan, S. Teufel
Semiclassical approximations for Hamiltonians with operator-valued symbols
Commun. Math. Phys. 320 (2013), 821-849.
[Springer | Arxiv 1201.4608]

S. Teufel
Semiclassical approximations for adiabatic slow-fast systems
Europhysics Letters 98 (2012), 50003.
[arXiv:1203.5896v1 [quant-ph]]

S. Teufel, J. Wachsmuth
Spontaneous decay of resonant energy levels for molecules with moving nuclei
Commun. Math. Phys. 315 (2012), 699-738.
[arXiv:1109.0447v1 | Link zu Springer]

J. von Keler, S. Teufel
Non-adiabatic transitions in a massless scalar field 
Preprint, 2012.
[arXiv:1204.0344v1 [math-ph]]

J. Lampart, S. Teufel, J. Wachsmuth
Effective Hamiltonians for Thin Dirichlet Tubes with Varying Cross-Section

J. Wachsmuth, S. Teufel
Constrained Quantum Systems as an Adiabatic Problem
Phys. Rev. A 82, 2 (2010), 022112.
[arXiv:1005.1849v1 [quant-ph]]

V. Betz, A. Joye, S. Teufel
Emergence of exponentially small reflected waves
Asymptotic Analysis 64 (2009), 53-100.

G. Panati, C. Sparber, S. Teufel
Geometric currents in piezoelectricity
Arch. Rat. Mech. Anal. 91 (2009), 387-422.
[Geometric currents in piezoelectricity (331.5 kB)]

V. Betz, B. Goddard, S. Teufel
Superadiabatic transition histories in quantum molecular dynamics
Porc. R. Soc. A, 465 (2009), 3553-3580.

L. Harris, J. Lukkarinen, S. Teufel, F. Theil
Energy transport by acoustic modes of harmonic lattices
SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis Vol 40, 4 (2008).
[Lattice (487.8 kB)]

L. Tenuta, S. Teufel
Effective dynamics for particles coupled to a quantized scalar field
Communications in Mathematical Physics 280 (2008), 751-805.

C. Lasser, T. Swart, S. Teufel
Construction and validation of a rigorous surface hopping algorithm for conical crossings
Communications in Mathematical Sciences Vol. 5 (2007), 789-814.
[Crossings (484.0 kB)]

G. Panati, H. Spohn, S. Teufel
The time-dependent Born-Oppenheimer Approximation
ESIAM: Math. Model. and Num. Anal. 41 (2007), 297-314.
[The time-dependent Born-Oppenheimer Approximation (246.0 kB)]

V. Betz, S. Teufel
Landau-Zener formulae from adiabatic transition histories
In J. Asch, A. Joye (Hrsg.), Mathematical Physics of Quantum Mechanics,
Lecture Notes in Physics 690
. Springer-Verlag, 2006.
[giens (583.5 kB)]

G. Panati, H. Spohn, S. Teufel
Motion of electrons in adiabatically perturbed periodic structures
In A. Mielke (Hrsg.), Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Multiscale Problems, pp. 595-617.
Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 2006.

S. Teufel, R. Tumulka
A simple proof for global existence of Bohmian trajectories
Commun. Math. Phys. 258 (2005), 349-365.
[BohmDirac.ps (413.2 kB)]

V. Betz, S. Teufel
Precise coupling terms in adiabatic quantum evolution
Annales Henri Poincare 6 (2005), 217-246.
[BetzTeufelArchive.ps (477.3 kB)]

C. Lasser, S. Teufel
Propagation through conical crossings: an asymptotic semigroup
Commun. Pure Appl. Math. 58 (2005), 1188-1230.
[lasserteufel_prop.pdf (297.5 kB)]

V. Betz, S. Teufel
Precise coupling terms in adiabatic quantum evolution: The generic case
Commun. Math. Phys. 260 (2005), 481-509.
[genTransHistFinal.pdf (374.1 kB)]

S. Teufel, G. Panati
Propagation of Wigner functions for the Schrödinger equation with a perturbed periodic potential
In P. Blanchard, G. Dell'Antonio, (Hrsg.), Multiscale Methods in Quantum Mechanics. Birkhäuser, 2004.
[BlochRomArch.ps (347.9 kB)]

D. Dürr, S. Teufel
On the exit statistics theorem of many particle quantum scattering
In P. Blanchard, G. Dell'Antonio, (Hrsg.), Multiscale methods in Quantum Mechanics. Birkhäuser, 2004.
[FASRomArch.ps (612.0 kB)]

J. Behrens, A. Brieden, R. Girgensohn, G. Schlichting, S. Teufel, T. Theobald
Das Felix-Klein-Programm an der TU München DMV-Mitteilungen 3, 34-35, 2003.
[DMV_Felix_Klein.pdf (197.0 kB)]

S. Teufel, G. Panati
Semiclassical dynamics of an electron moving in a slowly perturbed periodic potential
2003. Proceedings of the XIV International Congress on Mathematical Physics, Lisbon.

G. Panati, H. Spohn, S. Teufel
Space-adiabatic perturbation theory
Adv. Theor. Math. Phys. 7 (2003), 145-204.
[SAPT.ps (653.7 kB)]

G. Panati, H. Spohn, S. Teufel
Effective dynamics for Bloch electrons: Peierls substitution and beyond
Commun. Math. Phys. 242 (2003), 547-578.
[Bloch.ps (564.8 kB)]

S. Teufel, H. Spohn
Semiclassical motion of dressed electrons
Rev. Math. Phys. 14 (2002), 1-28.
[DressedElectron.ps (352.0 kB)]

G. Panati, H. Spohn, S. Teufel
Space-adiabatic perturbation theory in quantum dynamics
Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 250405 (2002).
[FinalLetter.ps (138.4 kB)]

S. Teufel
Effective N-body dynamics for the massless Nelson model and adiabatic decoupling without spectral gap
Annales Henri Poincare 3 (2002), 939-965.
[Nelson3.ps (346.7 kB)]

D. Dürr, S. Teufel
On the role of the flux in scattering theory
In Holen et al., (Hrsg.), Stochastic Processes, Physics and Geometry: New Interplays I.
Canadian Mathematical Society, 2001. Conference Proceedings.
[FluxAsym.ps (223.7 kB)]

F. Hövermann, H. Spohn, S. Teufel
Semiclassical limit for the Schrödinger equation with a short scale periodic potential
Commun. Math. Phys. 215 (2001), 609-629.
[SLPP.ps (383.9 kB)]

H. Spohn, S. Teufel
Adiabatic decoupling and time-dependent Born-Oppenheimer theory
Commun. Math. Phys. 224 (2001), 113-132.
[BOF.ps (324.1 kB)]

S. Teufel
A note on the adiabatic theorem without gap condition
Lett. Math. Phys. 58 (2001), 261-266.
[AWOGmp.ps (121.4 kB)]

S. Goldstein, S. Teufel
Quantum spacetime without observer: ontological clarity and the conceptual foundations of quantum gravity
In C. Callender, N. Hugget (Hrsg.), Physics meets Philosophy at the Planck Scale.
Cambridge University Press, 2000.
[QSWO.ps (159.5 kB)]

D. Dürr, S. Goldstein, S. Teufel, N. Zanghì
Scattering theory from microscopic first principles
Physica A 279 (2000), 416-431.
[sffp.ps (1.0 MB)]

S. Teufel, D. Dürr, K. Münch-Berndl
The flux-across-surfaces theorem for short range potentials and wave functions without energy cutoffs
Journal of Math. Phys. 40, 4 (1999), 1901-1922.
[JouPap.ps (260.0 kB)]

S. Teufel
The flux-across-surfaces theorem and its implications for scattering theory
Ph.D. thesis, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, 1999.
Betreut von Detlef Dürr.
[Diss.ps (647.8 kB)]

K. Berndl, S. Teufel
Comment on "Hidden quantum nonlocality revealed by local filters"
Physics Letters A 224 (1997), 314-316.
[comment.ps (102.3 kB)]

S. Teufel, K. Berndl, D. Dürr, S. Goldstein, N. Zanghì
Locality and causality in hidden variables models of quantum theory
Phys. Rev. A 56 (1997), 1217-1227.
[loc.ps (224.1 kB)]