Fachbereich Mathematik

Preparatory Course for M.Sc. Mathematical Physics

This is the preparation course for the new students of the Master's program in Mathematical Physics. 

Due to the Covid19 situation the course is organized as follows:

I will prepare a series of videos (the youtube links can be found at the bottom of this page) in which I briefly review various basic topics, most of which concern more formal aspects of analysis that some of you may be less familiar with. The topics are:
  1. Topological, metric, and normed spaces spaces
  2. Continuity and compactness
  3. Differential calculus
  4. Implicit functions and ordinary differential equations
  5. Measure and integration
  6. Classical mechanics
  7. Quantum mechanics
If you are unsure whether you know a certain topic well enough or if you want to refresh some aspects, I recommend you to watch the corresponding video or have a look at the notes.
For each topic there will also be a live session (in a lecture hall) where I will answer your questions, go into details or, if necessary, refer you to suitable literature, and discuss solutions of exercises. You can also participate in these units via zoom. Please refrain from sending questions regarding content directly to me via email before the corresponding live session.
The time slots for the live sessions are 20., 22., 26., 27., 28., 29., 30. October, each day from 9.30 AM till (at most) 12.00 AM. The lecture hall for the first week is C9A03 and for the second week C3N16. Participation is completely optional and you can skip any topics you feel comfortable with or dates where you have other obligations.
If you would like to participate in the live session via zoom, please send me an email. You will receive the zoom link shortly before the sessions start.