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School on Paradoxes in Quantum Physics


This summer school focuses on understanding the paradoxes of quantum physics. It comprises 4 days of intensive course with ample room for discussion, guided by a group of experienced instructors who are active researchers in the field of foundations of quantum mechanics. In a quiet environment on the Croatian island Hvar, students and instructors can focus on reaching genuine understanding of the puzzling features of quantum mechanics.

Time table (Note: The order of the lectures was changed later.)

Dates: Arrival Sunday September 1, 2019; departure Friday September 6, 2019

Instructors: Jean Bricmont (Louvain), Matthias Lienert (Tübingen), Roderich Tumulka (Tübingen), Lev Vaidman (Tel Aviv)

Intended participants: Primarily Master students, doctoral students, and post-docs in physics or related fields

Number of participants: 32

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of quantum mechanics.

Location: Town of Bojanic Bad, island of Hvar, Croatia

Participation fee: Euro 450,00 (includes accommodation but not meals and not travel to Hvar)

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Short description of the content: Sometimes, a paradox is a sign that one of our assumptions was wrong. Other times, a paradox really means that some facts are counter-intuitive, and we just need to get used to them. But often people disagree about whether a paradox is of the get-used-to sort. The aims of our summer school are to analyze various paradoxes of quantum physics; to get to their bottom; to figure out what they imply for our understanding of quantum theory; to compare them to other known paradoxes from set theory (such as Russell’s and Banach-Tarski’s paradox) and from relativity (such as the twin paradox); in short, to find out what to think of them. In the course of doing that, we will get to know and to discuss various interpretations of quantum mechanics, such as Copenhagen, spontaneous collapse, many worlds, and Bohmian mechanics.

Topics will include many of the following: + Schrödinger’s cat + double-slit experiment + Elitzur-Vaidman bomb + delayed-choice experiment + Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox + Afshar’s experiment + two-valuedness of spin + Renner’s paradox + Bell’s theorem + quantum measurement problem + nested interferometers + quantum eraser + Malament’s theorem + classical electron radius + Kochen-Specker theorem + complementarity + Wigner’s friend + quantum Zeno’s paradox +

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The John Bell Institute is a recently founded organization for the advancement of knowledge on foundational questions of physics. It is named after the discoverer of the nonlocality theorem that involves the Bell inequality.

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